Work ethic

The up-cycled approach is a new way of thinking about contemporary Couture: inserting shapes of various sizes in the cutting areas enhances the aesthetics of a garment and makes it a unique and unrepeatable piece.

Freedom of expression in wearing and creating: Francesca Marchisio gives importance to the people behind the production chain and to their operational creativity, that represent an added value for unique garments. Artefacts on request reinforce the anti-waste sustainability and offer creative freedom to tailoring skills during assembly.

Fabric's Selection

Francesca Marchisio collaborates with Italian suppliers and selects several eco-sustainable fabrics and techniques: organic silk, cotton and wool, linen, recycled polyester and nylon, NAIA acetate.


All garments are made in Italy and produced by Effepi, a historic company in the region of Marche, that collaborates with high end brands since 1980. Francesca manages the production chain, selecting traditional suppliers of Italian fabrics and she surrounds herself with local craftsmen for models, embroidery and prototypes.

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