Star  bene  con  abiti  che  ci accompagnano  oltre  le  stagioni


Feel good in clothes that follow us

beyond the seasons

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Francesca Marchisio is an Italian designer.  

She creates essential but complex clothing, a reversible design for objects that last over time.

The stylistic planning is attentive to the choice of materials, possibly eco-friendly and with less environmental impact. Lines and volumes are carefully studied and made in Italy to support the textile and manufacturing tradition.

His Atelier is a hub of creativity where artists exhibit their works to create events and synergies.


Creating is a way to feel free

To be authentic with lightness

Reversible coats to join opposites with simplicity


Francesca Marchisio is an Italian designer, graduated atMarangoni Institute of Milan.

In 2001, at Riccione Moda Italia, she won the MaxMara Award and she started to work for the Group as a fashion designer.

In 2007 she won the possibility to present her collection at Milano Fashion week FW’08 due to the award from the competition“Next Generation” launched by the Milano fashion council.

Moving on, Francesca opens her own atelier, she collaborates with different important companies as Moorer and Paul&Shark.

In 2011, she creates a new project named “Sacaporter” inspired by traveling and transformation.

In 2018, she launch a new project which bears her name and starts from the functionality and the expertly worked materials to transform the concept of dressing into timeless objects.

Effepi company, a small italian reality with a great production mastery, decides to support her. 


A reflection on climate change and the cyclical succession of the seasons.

Reversibility, which has always been an integral part of our philosophy,

is more than an aesthetic choice and, besides finding a profound analogy in the repetitive cyclical nature of the seasons, it means that the women wearing FM clothes are free to feel and see themselves in countless ways.

Real Utopia: feeling good in urban settings.

Contrasts come together, playing with reversibility.

The seasons overlap.

The sensuality has no gender.

The beauty of a journey lies in the path.

The road becomes pure graphics.

The silk join technical fabrics.

The Parka is a traveling companion.


Trends development concept

Clothing collections design

Project coordination and prototype management

Collaboration with artists for special projects and exhibitions

Creations of tailor-made cocktail dresses



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42121 Reggio Emilia

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